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The membership policy of the Good Men’s Club of Minnesota (GMC) defines the requirements and obligations of membership. To become a member, an individual must demonstrate a personal commitment to the Constitution of GMC, accept and sign the GMC Code of Conduct, and complete the induction requirements. Upon approval, each member must sign the Code of Conduct and receive a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws as part of the registration process.

Membership in the GMC is open to qualifying individuals within Minnesota and is activated upon meeting the membership requirements, submitting a full membership application, agreeing to the membership agreement, and paying the required fee. Membership cannot be transferred, inherited, or otherwise assigned to another individual and is solely the privilege of the member. Membership may be terminated by canceling the membership, failing to pay membership fees, or violating the membership agreement.

The GMC Code of Conduct outlines the expected professional behaviors, conflict of interest, and commitment to diversity and transparency of all members. Members are responsible for upholding the highest possible standards of conduct, raising the profile of the GMC at all times, and exemplifying the highest ideals of professional conduct, characterized by respect for one another, youth mentees, partners, and organizations that the GMC does business with.

GMC membership is open to any male who is at least 21 years of age, vows to abide by GMC's mission, vision, and core values, and resides in the State of Minnesota. All members are required to act in ways that validate and enhance the trust of the Gentlemen's Club and the community, meet their yearly dues and financial obligations, and respect and abide by the provisions and standards contained in the Constitution.

Membership in the GMC is classified into Regular/Resident Members, Associate/Non-active/Non-Resident Members, and Distinguished Members. Regular/Resident Members are active in the GMC's programs and activities, while Associate/Non-active/Non-Resident Members cannot attend regular meetings, events, or functions for a period exceeding six months. Distinguished Membership applies to distinguished members of the State of Minnesota, such as City Mayors, State/Federal Senators or Representatives, Professional Athletes, Police Directors, as well as elders above the age of 65.

Active/resident members have the right to participate in matters such as the annual budget, the disposition of all or substantially all of the assets, the merger or dissolution of the GMC, acquisition of property, and amendments to the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws and Constitution of the GMC. Membership may be terminated at any time for violating the GMC Member Code of Conduct, receiving multiple negative feedback from other GMC members or credible sources, or by personal request.

Membership is activated upon receipt of the membership application and fee payment, is valid for one year, and is automatically renewed on the anniversary date. GMC members are expected to promote diversity and transparency, upholding a culture where the multiple dimensions of identity and expression within which diversity are valued and respected. GMC members are also expected to act in a manner that is free from pretense or deceit at all times. The annual membership due is $150.00, with the first half of the membership payment due on January 31st and the remaining balance due on July 31st.

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